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Advantages of the Specialty Pharma Education Center


Provides educational programming for all health care professionals servicing specialty patientsPrepares for the specialty pharmacy certification process
Focuses on improving care and service to specialty patientsProvides enhanced career development / advancement opportunities for specialty pharmacy professionals
—Deeper knowledge into rare diseases, drug therapies and specific drug nuiancesCreates an awareness of the daily living and quality of life issues for the specialty patient
Ensure the professionals are empathetic/compassionate toward the specialty patient and caregiver needsGain knowledge of the care management programs designed for specialty patients
Understand the financial challenges for the specialty patient and payerProvides a career-long learning path that recognizes, as well as tracks proficiency areas
—Improves pharmacist handling of limited or exclusively distributed drugs—Protects the public by improving health outcomes and reducing medication errors.

Transforming Pharmacy Education and Learning

Evolving from an education provider to building relationships based on knowledge and insight
Broadening from a narrow channel focus to serving the full spectrum of Specialty Pharmacies
Changing from meeting functional needs to creating learning experiences
Adding value on top of customer satisfaction to become a partner based upon trust and loyalty

Launching This Spring