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CSPN Announces A Preferred Vendor Partnership with Rx Timer Cap

Tuesday, September 25, 2012   (0 Comments)
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Community Specialty Pharmacy Network, Inc (CSPN), announced a preferred vendor partnership with Rx Timer Cap®. CSPN is the largest community specialty pharmacy in the country recognizes Rx Timer Cap as the simple and easy ‘smart cap’, which helps patients take medication on time according to the doctor’s prescription.

The Rx Timer Cap will be available at a preferred price to over 220 of CSPN’s member pharmacies, servicing 49 states and over 100,000 specialty patients.

"This is a great way to improve adherence and compliance issues. CSPN provides and excellent way for companies like Rx Timer Cap to get their product to a large number of practicing specialty pharmacies. This type of collaboration, to advance care to patients, is wonderful to see,” said Gary M. Cohen, BSPharm, RPh, Publisher of Specialty Pharma Journal.

The Rx Timer Cap has an LCD timer that automatically counts the minutes and hours since a patient last took their medication. The patients receive critical feedback from this, informing them on how they’re doing on taking their medication on time.

Nick Calla, CSPN Vice President of Industry Relations in a news release said the "Rx Timer Cap® is a valuable compliance tool for our specialty pharmacy network. It will aid our network members in the management of their patient populations that are a challenge from an adherence point of view.”

The pill timer is foolproof since the container resets the pill timer by opening and closing the container. There are no necessary buttons or instructions for the patient to learn. The Rx Timer Cap acts as a training tool to pharmacists by reinforcing the pharmacist’s medication adherence counseling and giving daily feedback to patients on how they are doing with the medication.

It prevents prescription overdose and alerts patients when another person has opened their medication.

Adherence is a very important factor for patients with complex conditions who required specialty medications because poor adherence can cause life-threatening complications and increased mortality.

"We are proud to be a Preferred Vendor for CSPN, helping CSPN deliver a comprehensive care model that will have a positive impact on patients’ lives,” noted Kathy Tavitian, Vice President of Business Development for Rx Timer Cap, LLC.

"Community specialty pharmacies are on the front line of healthcare, providing significant touch points for specialty patients in terms of access and frequency of interaction. Patients consider their community pharmacists to be one of their most trusted healthcare professionals.”

About CSPN - CSPN is the largest community specialty pharmacy network in the country, with more than 220 member pharmacies in 49 states servicing over 100,000 specialty lives. CSPN provides a unique distribution channel that allows immediate availability of critically required specialty medication delivered by a compassionate, highly competent staff of pharmacy professionals dedicated to improving patients’ lives.

About Rx Timer Cap – The Rx Timer Cap® replaces the regular prescription vial cap and features a built-in LCD timer that works like a stopwatch. The technology behind the display automatically counts the minutes and hours since a patient last took their medication. This simple and easy to use Smart Cap™ helps patients take medication on time according to the doctor’s prescription.

Timney at or (866) 907-2776.

For general inquiries about Rx Timer Cap, please contact Steve Syatt or Cara Downs at or (818) 907-0500. For Timer Cap ordering information, please contact

Source: Community Specialty Pharmacy Network, Inc.

Last Updated: 9/25/12; 6:00PM EST

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